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Hello, I'm Dev.
theres no need for
long introductions anymore.

This a fairly personal/general blog.
I live in the UK.
I may have moved around a lot,
but this is home now.

I understand more & hate less.
Because I found a फूल
that's worth looking after.

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you :

The world needs you. Someone needs you.

3 Apr — 10 notes

It’s rather incredible how long a year is and yet how short it also is.

3 Apr — 6 notes

I keep a box in the top drawer of my work desk, it’s full of things that make me really happy.

I think having something like that is what you need sometimes, to pull you through.

2 Apr — 14 notes

My great-grandmother passed away today at the age of 96, I only hope I live a life with as much grace as she did. I love you and I’ll miss you.

6 Mar — 10 notes

If you don’t know what you’re doing with your life or what you’re meant to be doing…

relax, it’s okay you aren’t alone in feeling that, because I honestly hear it so often, been asked what to do and see it so much. I know how it feels and trust me it’ll be okay.

For now, just do anything, don’t let the vacant pit fester away and sap your energy. Close your eyes, put your head down, fling yourself at living the life you have and just run forward, you’ll bump into something good i promise.

Just live. You don’t need to know what you need to be doing to do that.

4 Feb — 11 notes