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Hello, I'm Dev.
theres no need for
long introductions anymore.

This a fairly personal/general blog.
I live in the UK.
I may have moved around a lot,
but this is home now.

I understand more & hate less.
Because I found a फूल
that's worth looking after.

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Anonymous: How do you know if a guy loves you?

Sorry i’m replying to this late but I only got home today.

Mmmm I’d say it’s subjective and differs depending on the individual but the tell tale signs are usually there and apparent to see if you observe closely. Guys can be pretty indirect when it comes to showing their affection (assuming he isn’t being direct and his signals are sort of mixed?)

The most obvious sign will be that he treats you differently than he does other girls or people in general, being extra nice, thoughtful and wanting to spend more and more time with you etc just generally acting different around you.

But If you like him and you think he likes you, why not bite the bullet and just ask him out, maybe ask to hang out and see where it goes, if he has any modicum of interest in you 98% chance is that he’ll say yes and to be honest.

in this modern day and age, it doesn’t always have to be the guy who makes the first move. So if you want something or someone, girl go out grab it by the horns and get it.

Hope this helped and best of luck to you, hope it works out.

15 Jan — 6 notes

Thank you for your kind words and messages (i think i replied to most of you, so thank you again for the gesture), I’m not sad however or feeling down regarding my posts etc.

My life is good and I’m very grateful for the comings and goings of it all, weather they be wonderful or short falls, it’s simply all part of it and accepting that is the first step to living positively.

I’m neither burdened or weighed down by responsibility of the people in my life, i’m happy to be depended on. It’s just disheartening to think disappointment and not being able to perfectly solve everything is inevitable. The fact that one person is limited to only be able to do so much just feels somehow inadequate to me.

11 Jan — 5 notes

It’s quite hard when everybody expects you to be there for them when they need you, somebody is bound to end up disappointed.

A conundrum, a catch 22, a lose-lose situation any way you look at it if you ask me.

11 Jan — 11 notes

It’s actually a good deal because I get to order extra things from him to bring me back from Nepal, like dad level courier services of cheap Asian goods.

10 Jan — 4 notes

Dad is going to Nepal today for a month. About to go drive him to Heathrow airport. It is currently 7.15am and I had decent sleep. Tired from last night huh. 

Pretty jealous dad just gets to have a break like mid year. I would love to go travel around the homeland for a month lucky son of a b sorry not sorry dad. But at the same time, he’s going back to deal with the familia and i could not handle that BS ever, cus they’re assholes.

Day started off well & will end well too.


10 Jan — 9 notes