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Hello, I'm Dev.
theres no need for
long introductions anymore.

This a fairly personal/general blog.
I live in the UK.
I may have moved around a lot,
but this is home now.

I understand more & hate less.
Because I found a फूल
that's worth looking after.

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Honest words on who I am.

EDIT : This is now almost 3 years old, I do not feel it stands as an accurate representation of who I am now as inevitably there has been changes. I will perhaps write a new one soon, but I feel more and more these days, it’s incredibly hard to sum up a person with just words.

Sitting awake on another night where sleep is being a shy recluse, so yet again, I had time to let my thoughts wander a few miles listlessly through the overused trodden paths in my mind.

I realised that I have never had a true personal post, where something about myself was directly inscribed onto the pages of my blog, so I put on my glasses to write my longest and most personal post to date because I felt like writing.

I don’t really like talking about myself because it always makes me feel like a intrinsically conceited narcissist, so not many people know much about me beyond the general trivia some quick conversations might’ve produced.

Regardless, due to human nature,  I am also sure that people most probably already have a firm grasp as to what kind of person they think I am, their own judgements established and assured. I don’t mind at all though.

When I am forced to describe myself, my replies are usually short and use the word normal and average consistently.

But for just this once, I would like to try describe the kind of person I am with some honesty and little conscious restraint.

If you read this far, thank you and if you curiousity is piqued then…

"I am a sane, logical and straightforward male. I am selective in many things but I often relate this to the fact that I’m opinionated, but who isn’t these days?

I rarely show what I’m feeling through expressions, instead my mood is reflected through how I talk and interact with others. I am not socially inept or a recluse but I do like the solitude of my own company.

I have never had my heart broken, because my heart is not made of clay. I have been called cold hearted before because I show little emapthy & sympathy to subjects that do not need it.

I don’t like to hate things and subsequently I don’t openly display my dislike of anything and keep negativity to myself, because my mother taught me so.

Although I come across as a dickbag through my writing sometimes, I assure you that I do have feelings and emotions. I don’t think I am better than anyone else and I love the world.

My beliefs stem around fair equality, respect to everything and an idealistic peace but I don’t box myself in to be a close minded opinion-robot to suit trends. I like hearing about the beliefs of others and I like learning about others, because I find people facinating and wonderful.

I am a happy person, but I am not an extrovert who radiates sunshine out of their backside. People often mistake me for being a sad person, but it just looks that way because I’m in deep thought a lot of the time.

Albeit my cynical tendencies, I really want to only love one girl forever because deep down, I am secretly a hapless romantic at heart.

My dream is to live a happy life. And my fear is that one day I will disappear and I won’t know what awaits me until it happens.”

It is hard not to sound like a self-centred fool while writing so much about yourself and I apologise

But if you actually read this far then, with my grateful regards, I hope you got to know me a little further than what my icon picture and posts may portray.

Words can only paint a rough outline of our personalities, but with a good dose of honesty it can always help people connect, which in the end I think is infinitely beautiful.

Ps. I would like it if people tried this out for themselves by writing down a few things truthfully about who you are. Please send me a link if you write one, because I would love to read it.

Posted on 18 August
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